Random Summer Pics

In all this snow I think it's kinda comforting to look back on the summer and be reminded that the spring will come soon, bringing us long sunny days to spent lying in the grass eating ice cream or drinking beers with friends. So here comes a few random summer pics - From New York, Berlin, Copenhagen and  Roskilde Festival.



While everybody is going on about Fashion Week in Copenhagen I wanna show a few pics from the little shop Bless Shop Berlin - one of their flagship stores wich at the moment is "in motion" as it says on their website. Check it out here www.bless-service.de/
They have a way of turning everything upside down and inside out, making the most beautiful designs, playing with conventions and the presumption of the prupose of the products. Their things can't really be put in a box, but exists somewhere between art and design being innovative and pushing your imagination over the limit.



Copenhagen Culture Night takes place every year in October and my school are one of the contributers. Third semester creates dresses inspired by a certain theme. The project lasts 2 month and culminates with a fashionshow.
In 2009 the theme was the body and my class was the creators.
There are so many things to be inspired by from the body; cells, illnesses deformations... all of wich can seem gross but can be turned into something beautiful. On this site you can click on a name and see the inspiration and the result. http://tekstilformidler.ucc.dk/Hvadskerder/kulturnat/
My inspiration came from bruises and Egon Schiele's perception of the female body.