so pure and sweet


IVANAhelsinki has this summer a sailor theme going, very well put together collection. I found these two pieces the coolest. The black one has embroidered loose chains sewed onto it, and this white one abve is made entirely of rope, I'd assume it's more a show piece than something to wear since it's very heavy.
I also love the logo, though I don't think it matches so well with this collection as the logo represents something closer to nature than red/white and blue/white stripes sailor style.



Another part of the theme reduce, reuse, recycle. These necklaces are made of old bike tires. Unfortunetly I can't say the same about the chains used.



Picture from a random street in Bruxelles. I love the big letters. 

I have been quite idle on this blog for quite a while now. Have no specific reason why that is, it has just not been on my mind to post whenever I had the time. Even if I do have pics to share on this space. Probably, I can say, that it won't be long til' the next one..