Walls of Stockholm

Somewhere in Östermalm you might come across this beautiful wall full of personality. I wish they did it like that today...


Paper sewing kit

I don't know if doing this as preparation for making a sewing bag to sit on a belt is normal or if it is procrastination, when I should be working on this project, that I actually find really interesting, since I've planned it myself...


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Slow Living is the name of an exhibit at Ekoteket, Kulturhuset in Stockholm which also offers nights of debates and lectures on the matter of organic and sustainable living. Check Ekoteket here, and the frontpage of Kulturhuset here.

I love the furniture exhibited and is even more inspired than before to use the materials that are normally concidered trash.

With the development of the world, consumerism and consumption I find it increasingly important to live sustainable with thought of the environment and nature and advocate this kind of awareness. 

The stuff you see in the book case, Box on, are paint, brush and other painting tools that are also sustainable.

It will come some day - Live purposefully and enjoy every day you have


Pattern Magic

What have I been doing these last two weeks? (three, maybe)... 
I have been playing with the Japanese Pattern Magic books (in Japanese)  - on amazon here, now in English.

During my internship at Camilla Norrback, I found how I LOOOVE making patterns. It's like i enter this other world while I'm doing it, maybe similar to meditation.
(check out camilla norrback here)

I did pattern for two dresses, but only had time to finish one.It was very time consuming but so much fun to work on.

: This is the result, my love :


reflections and light - adding to it

Mystery solved. The masters of this project reflections and light, which I covered in the last post, are Gabomilla Nielsen and Ebba Nielsen from Sweden.
See www.lyks.se here.


reflections and light

Exhibit at Urban Outfitters, Copenhagen. (designer and photographer unknown)
The fashion photography translates the fragileness and transparency of the feather-light garments in a delicate unique way and pictures and clothes reflect and complete eachother perfectly.