About Tibbe Smith

Tibbe Smith has a great interest in style, art and the making of fashion. Furthermore she is digging deeper into subjects like sustainability, organic fashion and the choices you can make to help change the world.

Tibbe is a fashion student, pursuing a Bachelor in Textile Handicraft and Education in Copenhagen, Denmark. An education that includes the teaching of textile printing (screen printing) with a lot of different types of colours and techniques, different technigues in embroidery, pattern and fashion design, pattern making, sewing of toiles and sewing the actual product, knowledge of materials, and communication relevant to museums, journalism, project managing sales, and education.
As a part of her education she's at the moment and until christmas doing an internship in Stockholm, Sweden at the Swedish designer camilla norrback, a brand that makes what they call Ecoluxury.

Tibbe has been drawing ever since she can remember and has put ideas to life with her crafty do-it-yourself approach. In her early teenage years she found that she wanted to work in fashion, which has just come more clear as she grew older.