Walking the distance

San Diego, Summer 2010, Operation Awesome Summer/road trip.



No Budget Performance

Last Friday, the 3rd of December my friend Han (a Belgium girl,who is also doing an intership at Camilla Norrback) I was at this art exhibit in Stockholm, Södermalm. Students from Kungliga Konsthögskola presented their sculptures, paintings or performances, making us reflect on human behavior and the relations between people. 
In the beginning I only took a short look at the girl making ice-cookies, who was standing right by the cold entrance. It didn't really speak to me - or so I thought. When we came back later and stood looking at her for a little while, seeing how cold she was, and despite that fact how persistently and stubbornly she went on doing her self-torturing performance, it became the most important piece to me. 
I interpret it as a sort of illustration of how we love. 
She is standing there in her little kitchen with all the housewife cliches making little cookies out of snow. She marks each and every one with a little red spot representing a heart. Then she puts them on the ground where they melt away - disappear. 
The eternal falling in love, the love dies away, you get hurt - melt, but next time it's the same over and over again. You keep going for love, even when it seems as there will be no happy ending, and you get colder and colder.. 
As hard it is to put words to art I tried to express what I felt when experiencing this one. I am not sure if this was what she wanted, since we didn't find a brief description on the different pieces. Maybe she wanted the viewer to find out for themselves. 
I'll probably never know, but it's not that important anyway, because this one really touched me, and I think that is what art aims to do.