A mixture does the trick

Got back from a couples of days in Copenhagen, wich I have spent seeing a few of my friends. 
Saturday night was spent with great people watching Eurovision - Eurovision turned into a drinking game, because that is what Icelandic people do and the were an Icelandic couple present. 
I've never before cared much for this song contest filled with trivial singers and unnecesaray stage shows - It is just a little too much. I ussually don't enjoy it, 'cause I just get annoyed with what it is and what it represents of bad taste. 
Turning the absurdities into a fun and funny drinking game I can relate to, though.  Is it a slutty dress? yes, so take a sip, are there fireworks on stage? yes, so take a sip, and so on.
What really surprised me, was that Germany won. It was the song I liked the best, but the last one I expected to win. It is really unlike common Eurovision songs, both Lena's way of singing and the simplicity of the show.

I am anticipating the warmer weather promised to start from Wednesday, and when it does I wil wear this dress. It is an old dress of my mom's, wich I made a little shorter.

And why not also share with you thos necklace I just recieved from Uncommon Creatures.
Talking about absurdities earlier, I bet some will find this absurd, but this is the kind of absurdities I find interesting.


Spotting Creativity

The concept of creativity. What does it actually mean? How can it be described? How can you describe a creative person? What does such a person look like? What makes a person creative?

This is what I am currently reading about and discussing in my paper and I am curious to hear your thoughts and oppinion on the issue.

Comment this post and/or answer my survey questions on the right side of my blog.

Thank you for your help.

Nothing new under the blue sky

I've been spending the past days in Copenhagen seeing friends, and had also a meeting with my teacher. It seems kinda like things are on hold at the moment. Nothing much is happening and my actions primarily elvolves around reading and writing. Or at least trying not to procrastinate too much. 
But just to keep things going on the blog side of things I will post another narcissistic picture of another outfit.
Tomorrow I am off to Copenhagen again. Coffee with a friend I haven't seen for way too long, and Saturday night will be spent with classmates watching Euro Visions wich is gonna be turned into some kind of drinking game that our Icelandic freind will teach us.


Zip it up, Bow Tie

The jeans are finally done. I made them a bit shorter and slimmer and put in the zipper with a bow tie in the top. The idea with the bow tie is from a pair of vintage jeans from a friend of mine.
Here comes some pictures.


That Monster Grape Will Look After You

My niece Nana turns 1 year today and for her birthday I made her this cute little monster, wich is obviously a grape. En Vindrue. I hope she'll love it.
It's made of purple baby corduroy with leather application. The eyes are buttons and the wings and back finne are made of thin white fabric with dots.



 I was wearing the dress I recently bought in Wasteland today, when my mom and I went to this huge fabric store, Stof og Stil, located in Roskilde. The purpose was to find zippers for that pair of jeans I have mentioned before. No luck. 
But I simply can't find myself in a fabric store without buying something. That is obvious if you look at the three huge moving boxes I have filled with fabric. "Uh that would make a beautiful dress. Uh that too. And that for a skirt", and so on.
So here I am again, with this white thin cotton fabric with small black dots. For a cute little dress. And the black jaquard weavered fabric for tote bags.


I wish flowers could save lives


Creativity, a mess

Yesterday I read an article about the connection between being creative and being messy in the Danish daily free newspaper Urban. The article claims that it's a myth that being messy comes with great creativity. Talking to different experts and psychologists they kill that myth and brings an example with the artist Tal R, who appearently is not messy. 
I don't know if I quite agree with their statement. I am dissapointed with the examples of mess they bring in the article, since it's not really mess. They talk about piles of dishes, that never get washed, piles of laundry and dirt in every where.
I see myself as a creative person. I create things. And I flatter myself by believing that I have great creative imagination and ideas. I also see myself as a messy person. After tidying up and cleaning my room it gets messy again almost immediately. (It's a great excuse though; "I'm messy because I'm a creative person.")
But in my opnion messy is not the same as dirty. What do you think?

The current situation in the corner of my room.


Copenhagen Air

Today I went to Copenhagen, to my school, for a meeting with my teacher about the reading and writing I have done so far on the exam project. It seems like I'm moving in the right direction. 
After the short meeting, I had planned on redesigning a pair of jeans, since I was going to work later in the evening and for that reason had time to pass. I just needed two zippers. Unfortunately, today the shop didn't have the kind I needed. Black or dark blue with silver teeth, length 25 cm. How hard can that be? Appearently pretty hard. So instead of being productive, I had time to get bored, even though I still managed to draw a little, put on a new logo on my blog and went looking for a new pair of jeans that I shouldn't buy.


State of present and a little bit of candy floss

Currently, I am trying to get started reading and writing for my exam. What I am finishing now is the class education. I am instead gonna specialize in other cultural communiation
What I am going to write about is online education and I have chosen to focus on the website Fashion Students Online, wich I think is a great idea for an open forum, where everyone interested can share their knowledge and ideas with others. 
I have a lot of reading to do as preparation wich unfortunately gives me less time to be creative myself and actually do something about all the ideas and projects knocking on my door.
But I will share with you a picture of what I redesigned a little while ago. Believe it or not, this was a hat. A little cute round hat, and even though it was incredibly charming, I knew, I would never wear it. But is was simply too cute not to buy and even before I did that I came up with idea for a purse. I just put in the zipper after folding the hat flat.
Now it reminds me of a little poodle or a candy floss with all the light pink tulle. Do you like it?


A day in May

The other day I met up with my friend Tippe (Yes her name is Tippe and mine is Tibbe) for lunch at Kalasset and an unplanned trip to the thrift shop Wasteland in Copenhagen. I really wasn't supposed to buy anything, but it's dangerous for me to enter shops like these, when you don't feel like you're broke, even though you actually are. So I came out with a long tank top printed with the girl from the cover of Dinosaur Jr.'s record Green Mind and a cute little denim dress. Of course pictures will follow. Tippe bought these cool sunglasses.

1800s Jacket

As part of a school project about the Arts and Craft Movement or in France, Art Nouveau we were to drape a jacket from the late 1800 hundreds. I teamed up with Emi Flejsborg (on the pictures) and chose this jacket shown below. 
For most people in my class, it was our first time draping, so this was a great exercise. It was actually surprisingly difficult to make those folds on the back, but everything turned out pretty good, and it looks perfect on Emi, who it was also draped for. There are not yet bottons on it.


The Danish Museum of Art and Design in Copenhagen

Because of my homeless situation, it has been a while since I last posted anything. I'd like to get better at making a few posts, when I have the time and possibility, so that I can publish on a more regular basis.

Recently we visited The Danish Museum of Art and Design in Copenhagen with my school, where we among other things looked at these fantastic embroidery pieces.

This one is especially great.
It's all embroidery. It can be hard to see unless you're very close and it's simply one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. To shape the muscles of the animals and create a relief they used cork or wook and then embroidered over that.
It's like a little cupboard with doors and drawers from China.

 This one is also made with small pieces of wood under the silver thread to make a relief. It almost looks llike it's actually pieces of silver on it. I'd love to something like that for a belt.

This is embroidery and application on tulle made in the end of the 1800s.
Notice the animals. It's such a cute idea for a collar.

Next are a couple of pieces of newer embroidery. I love the dandelion.

It's easy to forget how much inspiration you can draw from older designs and techniques. I really think these pieces prove how many ways you can use historic items creating new ideas.