Floors of Bruxelles

(And I don't care that the correct English way of spelling Bruxelles is Brussels, Bruxelles is just much better)
I've just come home from an absolutely wonderful trip to Bruxelles and London. And I believe I've especially fallen in love with Bruxelles.
These floors are part of the impression of a style I found inspiring. Every place you walk into has it's own unique floor decorations, all seem inspired from something like a mix of old greek history and l'art nouveau. Simply marvellous!
I fell in love with these floors as I did in the architecture of the little streets filled with history and memories from hundreds of people living there or walking the streets through history.
I think it's the perfect mixture of old meticulously made buildings, decay, and new subcultures being embraced (charming in spite of or maybe because of the occasional and unpleasant smeel of pee from street corners). Maybe that impression is what I get after just being in Bruxelles for only five days, maybe it would also be what I'd get if I lived there for a longer period. Who knows.