A fashion photo shoot

I just did a photo shoot with my designs from the past year or so, some pieces much older. I wanted to get some really cool and professional pictures of my work for a portfolio. 
I am so lucky that my brother Kaare Smith is a photographer and wanted to help me with it. (Check out his website here)
I then asked my good friend Marit if she wanted to model in my clothes - I am honored to say that she felt honored. (Read her blog here
I had never done something like this before. Kaare also never tried to shoot for fashion, he's a journalist photographer - captures the moment in its truth. Marit had tried modelling once before some years ago, but that is not something she does either.

So all of us being pretty unexperienced we didn't really know what to expect with this shoot. I thought that would make it even more interesting, a real low-key photoshoot out in nature and in an abondoned industrial building with only rookies.

It was awesome! Everything just worked. I was kinda on the side line while Kaare and Marit worked magic.

Here's some shots from the day.

The quick reader might notice that the last picture is the dress I made in my bachelor project.