What goes around comes around..

Most of my shit is already at my parent's house and I feel the thrills of spartan living. My matres is on the floor and even though I used sleep like that once, now it just seems like a shitty way to sleep. Most of my stuff is in boxes and plastic bags. All this with the knowledge that it's not gonna change for 3 months. A strange feeling of not belonging - being without a base - a home...
While packing down and ending an era I found a necklace I forgot all about. I had accidently hidden it from myself. Part of why it's cool is because it's actually a jumping jack piece.

Today I wore this. Black in black since it is my favorite colour.


Thursday in fashionable, creative Copenhagen

The past week was stuffed with press days at the different PR companies and Thursday I unintentionally and for the first time found myself at one at Star Public Relation. I had met up with a friend who did an internship at this company, she wanted to drop in to say hi and see the FW10 collections and she knew I'd find it interesting. 
I especially fell in love with these necklaces from Gem Kingdom.
They are all really cool, I think this one is my favorite. So, another thing just got added to the many things I need to safe up money for.

After this press experience another friend asked if I wanted to join her seeing a talk/discussion on the subject, the difference between design and art, wich took place at the museum of contemporary art Luisiana and of course I'm not one to put down a chance of gaining knowledge about art and design. Present was a furniture design team Salto & Sigsgaard, a textile designer, Margrethe Odgaard, and a craftsman Louise Hindsgavl, so all sides were represented.
Salto & Sigsgaard represented the more generic design and had a very matter-of-fact attitude to the process, wich was really interesting to hear about. They begin with research and make a list of criteria before even thinking about what the product should look like. Their target are wide and with the risk of sounding harsh I'd say their design is kinda dull.
Margrethe Odgaard's design is in the middle of the different types, design, arts and craft. She explores and challenge the general idea of textiles and has fx made this huge oversized napkin. She takes everyday life and moves expectations a little.
 Louise Hindsgavl is more an artist than a designer; very intuitive in her way of work and with her attitude towards the process. She doesn't aim to make something for a certain group of people opposed to designers.
My friend and I came to the conclusion that, that is the main difference between art and design. Design has a target group and criteria to live up to. The designer can argue for every little choice taken in the process; -why this shape, why this colour, why this light bulb and so on. The artist works intuitively and the work is an expression, not something meant to sell. That is just a benefit. An artist asks questions and provokes. And can't argue why it's this shape, this material.
It was all in all a great day.

After the fiftes

So after a little while of many things, I got some pictures taken of the jacket I made for that old school project I last posted.
Some might be able to recognize the label in the jacket.


When things show up

I found this magazine while packing some shit today. It's an old school project from when I was studying tailoring. You might think it didn't have much to do with tailoring, and that is just what I thought too. But none the less a fun project. Inspired by a time period (in my case the fifties) we had to make a magazine of some kind, design a small collection also inspired by this certain time period, and sew one of the designs. 
These are some of the more interesting pages from the magazine.
I sewed the jacket I drawed, on the left page, dark grey with red lining. 
I'll post a picture in near future.
And of course a movie review - Cry Baby. Such, a recommendation from me.

Is it summer yet..?

It snowed today. It's April - it's alsmost May. And it's supposed to be spring going on summer. So here are some narcissistic photos of the dream from a girl who loves her summers...


The torture of moving to somewhere in everywhere

I am moving out from my beloved apartment in two weeks. I am not moving to anywhere in partucular. Actually I'm gonna be kinda homeless. I'm moving all my shit back to my parents. My clothes, my closet, my accesories, my couch, my sound system, all my chairs, the beer cases I use as bookcases my lamps, my magazines and books, my posters. Everything. But I'm not moving in with my parents. I'm gonna partly sleep there and sleep at friendly friends' houses. In two months I'm going to Boston and staying there for a month with my boyfriend. After that we're going to Stockholm together. He's doing his masters. I'm gonna stay there for half a year doing my internship. And then I'm gonna come back to Copenhagen, being able to live with all my precious things again. For a while at least. 
 I guess I am a material girl. With a passion for visual treasures, I find it hard not to be. I just love my shit, and it's gonna be hard not to have it around...


The new version of the little black dress

When I was in Boston over Easter, I found this fantastic black leather dress in the vintage shop The Garment District.
I immediately fell in love with the geometric closing in the front and the dress fit me perfectly. The sleeves with their 80's bat style and the length made it look very heavy, but with the changes I made, I think it's really cool. A new kind of little black dress.


oh my, oh why

After finishing my exam I decided (after a very short talk with my roommate) that I could buy a new pair of shoes for myself. I knew exactly wich I wanted.  These from Shoebiz.
I know I have small feet. But turns out I am the "lucky" owner of two too small feet. This pair doesn't even in my size. With boots and shoes you tie, I can pull it off, but I have to let this wonderful pair go and get over it. Damn!


Free again

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Done. With my exam. After two weeks of hard work the project was due today and I turned in the result at noon. I don't know if it went well or not. One moment I have a really good feeling about it and the next I think it's shit. We'll see in... hmm June I think.
I lowered my expectations to myself and the 24 hour day; it will never become any longer than 24 hours, not even if I want it to. 
Maybe I should explain a little bit about an assignment like this. (I chose to take my exam in testile printing; finishing this course in stead of embroidery) From a given theme we had to create an idea which should work as decoration on clothing. Then make alot of samples (not a finished product) and in the assignment we argue, with the hypothetical product in mind, why one sample is better than another based on knowledge of materials, colours and techniques and showing the samples next to the text.
So the "sub"-theme is a sea anenome, nothing more nothing less. I've already posted pics of my ornament, so here comes some pics of the process and samples and and..
 The kind of print I thought worked best with my ornament is iris print. Above is a picture of how to put the colours on the silkscreen - It's hard to see, though, because of the colours I've been using (remazol), they're kinda transparent.
Above is an illustration of how I imagine the summerdress the fabric is hypothetically meant for. I wish I had time to actually make it.
 My finished project. I can't take credit for the great accordion-inspired idea of how to put it together, but a friend from my school, Elisabet Flejsborg.
This way you can choose to look through it like a book or open it up if you need to look at four pages at once.


Wear your hat

Going food shopping. So many things I can do to distract myself from my exam, should be writing and writing and writing. But suddenly it seems like there's a million things I can do in stead, so many displacement activities.


To be or not to be ... a Freak?

When are you a freak? What does it take for people to regard others as freaks? Is it when you are everything surroundings expect you to be, when you are depressed or if you look different?
That is the subject for these drawings and others to follow.

Examinating Sea Life

I am at the moment in the middle of my textile print exam. The course I chose to end and instead get in touch with my inner embroiderress.
The subject of this exam is "life of the sea" - Some find that this is full of inspration other find it kind of unambiguous. I had high expectations and ambitious, extensive ideas, wich I think I'll have shelf. I wanted to print a coralreef with lots of life and then somehow illustrate how trawling destroys these beautiful reefs and killing hundreds of spieces. I still don't know how I can possibly do that, and for the record I have until next Friday to make samples and write an assignment arguing why I choose this sample over that one. Might sound easy, but it take much longer to put together an assignment like that with samples and inspiration.
So far I have made the screen ready for two prints. It will become an print; an anenomone (Nemo-reference) In two layers though. Can't decide if I should go further with the idea from before, or leave it at this.. Though choice. And what about time...
The ornament I'm printing - Imagine it woth two colors.
Inspiration pics will follow and I'll post pictures of the results.


Screen print project

This is my last project from school. We learned some new techniques in textile printing, wich I completely feel in love with. Both were very popular in the 90's and have since been forgotten. Now, though, it seems they are making a come back along with velvet.
I will start by saying that these fabrics were ice white to begin with.  
 With this piece of fabric I plan on creating a jacket.
And this may become a pillow some day, nothing is yet decided...
Using certain chemicals that only destroy the vegetable fiber, you can make the ornament you print on the fabric transparent. This is especially suitable for velvet, but you can also use it on lighter fabrics such as voile or satin when the right fibers are mixed.
The other technique is preferably used with the previous mentioned technique. With that one you can see the top of the fabric wich is a vegetable fiber and where the chemicals have destroyed this fiber, you can see the base of the fabric fx silk. Now, with this technique you can color the vegetable fiber in one color and the animal fiber another. It's all chemicals that bind one color to one fiber. Didn't know I liked playing with chemicals before being able to create beautiful fabrics with it.
Screen printing with - yes another chemical - not a new technique for us, though. This one withdraws the color from the fiber so it almost becomes white, depending on wich kind of colors you ahve used for the fabric.
These fabrics are all velvet so you can see the pink colored silk fiber under the viscose fiber.
And the (quick) design process. 
When just seeing the ornament it could be anything, depending on who you are. Guess it's like looking at the clouds and seeing different animals...
I looked through some books and magazines and just knowing that I wanted to use feathers in some way. I ended up also being inspired by a gas mask though.