The big picture

Here comes something to look at while I am kinda gone, hiding, in the dark og something like that..
The big picture - Russia in color, a century ago.
This is an article about colour photo before man was able to take colour photo, and this is why these pictures can give you an insight nothing else can.

Looking at the colours, the light, the clarity of the photographs it's hard to believe that they are not taken with an excellent DSLR-camera in our time, but with a specialised camera using red, green and blue filters between 1909 and 1912.

Give yourself a treat and check out old Russia with velvet and water, beautiful intense portraits and mezmerising landscapes.

A little treat while I'm pretty absent, not having my beloved camera to capture my days at camilla norrback. You don't have to be all in the dark though. At Marit's blog, my fellow intern, you can read some of what 's going on.


So.. What's next? What's on you mind, what's in your head?

I am back from the road trip (the unfinished road trip blog). Hey, I'm even back from the US, back in Denmark. At least 'till Saturday, when I'll be leaving here again to go to Stockholm.
In Stockholm where I'll be doing an internship at the Swedish label Camilla Norrback - check it out here. I simply cannot wait to start!

But I am back without my camera. The zoom broke, and screwed from a rip off waranty, they didn't wanna give me a new one, so I am currently waiting for it to be repared and shipped to the store, picked up from the store and shipped to Sweden. Could't take a while.
So all I have now is the pencil in my hand. And until Saturday I have my parents scanner next to me. That will just have to do for now I guess.