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Yeah, I have alot, and then I didn't have time to post because we have been getting the car ready for an epic road trip and packing for that, and in that time also managed to go hiking and climbing in Rumney, New Hampshire. 

Tomorrow morning we're taking of - first stop New York City, where we're gonna pick up a friend, Jon, who is also coming.
 If you wanna see what's going on in the next two intense weeks, where we're gonna be on the road, you can follow the trip on the blog Operation awesome summer.

I probably won't get much posting done in the following two weeks of road trip, so here's a little of what I planned to post. 


Take my breath away

On Wednesday I went to the ICA in Boston to see the Exhibit with Dr. Lakra, an artist and tattooist from Oaxaca, Mexico. His name can be translated to something like Dr. Delinquent. I have a thing for tattoos and old school, kinda 50's style art, and Dr. Lakra uses both in his art besides from mixing a whole lot of symbols from cultures worldwide.
Picture from the visual art guide Art Splash

Little did I know that another exhibit there, would blow me away completely.
Do you know the feeling when your heart starts to beat faster, and you feel kinda out of breath. Similar to being in love, the moment he sends you a smile, or maybe a text, or he invites you out.. 

Well, that's how I felt walking around looking at these incredible art pieces. Of course it's because of what I do. I sew. I embroider. I'm nerdy about it. I love it. And I appreciate the difficulties and how much work it is.
I am talking about the artist Charles LeDray and his work.
He makes everything himself. Only three found objects. No assistants. His mom taught him to sew and embroider from he was four years old and he is so talented!
His exhibit called workworkworkworkwork at the ICA contains a number of smaller or miniature sized suits and outfits, alot of them connected with even smaller ones. A tiny suit made of and attached to a small suit. A small jacket with an unknown number of clothes inside. A blanket of little garments. Jackets and suits with embroidered labels on.
First LeDray picture from the Telegraph. Other pictures are from the website Sperone Westwater.

Read more about the exhibit here.
If this catches you, read also this blog post from The Layers Of Meaning.

Like I said, I was blown away. And feeling like this looking at his work, 
I know I am in the right place.


Window Decorations

I have a whole bunch of posts on my mind, so hopefully and probably a whole bunch of posts will be posted in near near future. 

A window decorated with vintage sewing machines... 

It's the English chain AllSaints. Check it out here.

The art of excessive belts

I bought this big 80's belt in a vintage shop when I was walking around on Newbury St. And it's a vintage shop, not a thrift shop. All the things there were pretty expensive and really picked with care to meet the rich taste of rich people. But this was almost affordable, and too cool to let go, I thought.
It's very big and will easily dominate an outfit. I think it looks best with more simpel things and it will be perfect for a black dress to a party.


International Poster Gallery

Yesterday I planned to visit the Judi Rotenberg Gallery, but unfortunately it turned out to be closed. Instead I wandered around on Newbury St. and came across this cool shop with original vintage poster prints. Just wish I had a huge house and lots of money.
The front of the shop, from Newbury st.com.
The shop inside.
And they also sell these charming old travelling labels for your suitcase. Oh, how I wanted one of those for my brown suitcase, but I didn't feel I could spend 25-50 $ on something that is kinda redundant..

I would love to have one of the beautiful posters hanging on my wall.
Read about the posters here.


Cherries and steam

My most recent purchase to add to my collection of dresses is this cherry dress from Urban Outfitters. I wore it to a party on Friday with the steam punk ring that had just arrived and a nail paint called thinking of blue.


Boxes and cases

Yes, I am aware that this also might be some kind of an addiction. 
On pictures in earlier posts, you will be able t see my beloved vintage suitcases. 
Now against all reason, I bought this box. Ignoring the issue of how to get it to Denmark/Sweden from Boston. Things will work out in some way, I know that. 
It caught my eyes one day of innocent shopping in Goodwill at Central Square and what are you supposed to do for 10$?! I immediately fell in love. Wouldn't you?!

The Barrette for Etsy.com

This piece (though already posted on my blog) is now for sale in my Etsy shop.


A thing for steam punk

I think I have a thing for steam punk. I guess it started when I saw the movie La Cité Des Enfants Perdus, in English The City of Lost Children.
An amazing movie with an amazing universe, with all it's creepiness and the feeling of being lost that reeks from the movie. It is truly fantastic.

That might be the reason why I fell in love and bought this ring from St Joshua on Etsy. I can't wait for it to arrive.

Disclaiming rights. The pictures above do not belong to me. They are only used for commenting reasons.


Veggie Planet

Yesterday night my boyfriend and I went to Veggie Planet at Harvard Square for dinner and it was delicious! Peanut curry with broccoli on pizza and portobello mushrooms with red pepper pesto and feta on pizza. Veggie Planet is part of Cambridge Local First, a network of locally owned, independently run, businesses that share a commitment to building a strong local economy and a vibrant, distinct community. It's a vegetarian and vegan restaurant with affordable prices and a friendly and cosy environment.
A picture taken on the way there.



And the time came, when I got my first item listed on Etsy.com. More items will follow. 
Check out my etsy shop on http://www.etsy.com/shop/tibbesmith. 
I also link to the on the right side of this blog, right under the about me section
See you there.


The Garment District

The Garment District is a great thrift shop between Kendall Square and Central Square, 200 Broadway. In one half of the shop upstairs, they have sorted their garments in centuries, so for instance 80's pants for women, 70's jackets for men and so on. This is also where I found the black leather dress I redesigned.
Another part of the shop is just vintage in general and they also sell new clothes. On the first floor they have this deal where you pay 1.50$ a pound. You literally walk on the clothes that is spread all over the floor and can just pick whatever you find pretty. Worth a stop if you're ever in Boston.


Nateva Festival

I came back yesterday from an amazing and very hot weekend at the Nateva Festival in Maine.
Living in Denmark the festival you go to is Roskilde Festival, which was what I could compare this experience to. 
These festivals are very alike but there are differences between the two. Nateva is a whole lot smaller though, and the music is a little more folk rock and funk, but a lot of the bands could easily be playing at Roskilde festival.
As I have mentioned in a post once, I am not a fan of taking pictures at shows because it is hard to get good shots. However, I did take some at a few concerts at this festival. 
A couple of years ago The Flaming Lips played at Roskilde but unfortunatly I missed it, which I have been regretting ever since, but this time I got a new chance and the show was amazing! (See the bobbel picture here from Flaming Lips here.)

Mesmerizing Zooey Deschanel from the band She and Him. I think a lot of people, at least the guys, came to look at her, but their music and their show was definitely great and worth seeing.

If you want you can check out more pictures of the concerts at Nateva's website.

At Nateva you camp with you car next to the tent at the camp site (which to me was kinda strange to see). Not that many young people in Denmark have a car and the public transportation is pretty good so you don't need it. Notice the Nateva sign in the background of the second picture taken of the festival site.
At festivals people in general use intoxicants of some kind. At the Roskilde Festival most people get drunk and some smoke weed. At Nateva though, it seems more common for people to do drugs like taking acid or mushrooms.
And why not also look at the fashion part. At Roskilde you see a good mix of punks, rock'n'roll style, hippies and hipsters. At Nateva it is mainly hippies and often in long tie-dye dresses. Uh, and people dressed up in extreme costumes.
 And no festival without arts and craft. This lamp I find really cool.

And some random festival shots...