What you find on River Street

These pictures represent a little mystery to me. 
Is it a little shop that is never open? Is it just used for storage? Who owns it? 
For me this little shop is object of great fascination.
With all the weird things, which for most people would be nothing but junk, it reminds me a lot of Mr. Charrington's little shop in George Orwell's novel 1984. 

New York Sky

Manhattan seen early morning from the airplane on my way to Boston. 
Beautiful, though a bit foggy!

Should I care

First picture is taken by Hanne Hjort, second is taken by Erik Tonning, both in Kongens Have in Copenhagen the day i finished my last exam.


Last days in Copenhagen

I arrived in Boston last Thursday after a way too long time of travelling due to flight delay. Before I left Denmark, I met up with my amazing friend and ex-roomie Camilla (maybeliever).
Taking a walk around Vesterbro, where Camilla lives now, and we felt like ice cream an d stopped at Paradis Is at Vesterbro Torv, where I was adventurous and tried a delicious basil ice cream.  

My next posts will probably mainly cover my experiences in the US, since I won't have much time to create and don't have a sewing machine here.



New piece on the street

In the zipper family a new member has arrived. This barrette is handmade from a zipper and is unique like the bracelets.
(picture taken by Hanne Hjort)

On Wednesday I finished my exam with good result, and I am now working on new pieces whenever I have time.
These next days are also gonna be busy. We are celebrating my dad's birthday tomorrow, and I am leaving for Boston on Wednesday the 23rd, so I also have to pack for that.
But I have now gottten a profile on Etsy and some of my pieces will be presented there soon.
When that happens check it out on www.tibbesmith.etsy.com.


Under the sea / From the Deep

Knitted art inspired by life under sea. Fra Dybet (From The Deep) is an exhibit by the knitting artist Marianne Johnstad-Møller, that took place at Officinet. Officinet is courated by The Danish Arts and Crafts Association. 
I think this shows how many possibilties textile crafts holds and how much respect it deserves.

Addiction you might call it

I recently said I have a little obsession with dresses at the moment. 
I can't get enough. And I simply had to buy this one too.
It's Kate Moss for Topshop.
I love how the lace is attached to the black fabric, and there are these wonderful details: buttons on the sleeves and down the back. I have wanted to make something like this for such a long time, but just haven't gotten around to it. And I don't expect it to happen soon either, so buying this seemed like the thing to do.


A night in the light

Because of the rainy weather on yesterday, my friend and I thought we'd go to the movies instead of the festival at Vesterbro. But the beers we had with dinner changed our plans. 
I am not a great fan of taking pictures at concerts, because the flash can disturb the artist, my camera is not good enough and my skills as a photographer are not good enough. 
So no pictures of the shows we saw. 
We went without having had time to check out which bands, we wanted to see, so we just went with what our guts told us. Kinda "uh, this band has a cool name." And it was good. 
I love to be at festivals like this with a lot of unknown bands, where you can get to know new music, broaden your horizon.
Pictures of the beautiful fireworks table...
 And beer drinking me and amazing Anna looking great in red.


A couple of days of freedom

I finally finished my paper, that is due tomorrow am now ready for a couple of days in Copenhagen before I have to prepare for my oral exam. These next days there are a festival on Vesterbro, Start Festival, and that's where I'll be Thursday. Then who knows what will happen next. 
Hopefully I'll soon be able to show you some new interesting stuff from my hand. And getting that Etsy.com account made.


When the zipper stole my heart

A while ago I made a bracelet of a black zipper. But it wasn't just any zipper. The zipper on my boyfriend's jacket was broken and kept unzipping itself, which was a bit unfortunate in winter weather. So I changed it with a new one, and from the broken one I made the bracelet. Which I have now lost. I suspect I have  pushed it from my table into the trash can by mistake (that is not hard to do by accident with a messy table like mine). With all the tidying up and cleaning and packing, because I was moving, I have gone through everything I own, and in my search it still didn't turn up. 
Since I made it, I have made one in blue for my mom (she wanted one in green, but I haven't yet found the right zipper for that), one in white with silver teeth for my friend, Soffie Viemose (she's an awesome musician, check it out here) and just the other day I finally made a new one for myself in white with brass teeth. And am about to make an aubergine coloured one.
They are all unique and made by hand.
Here pictures of the the white one I made the other day, and of my mom's.
I plan on getting an etsy.com account, so I can sell the bracelets and other things I am making. For now, leave me a comment if you're interested in purchasing one.


A little bit of narcissism

Here are a couple of pics of me with a vintage skirt used as a dress. I need to do the sewing alterations before it's really wearable though, but you can't tell on the pictures.
In the past months I have been purchasing a ton of dresses and have severel sewing plans. It seems I just can't get enough of dresses recently.