So... About Thailand

Thailand was as great as it could be. We had the best experience we could wish for.
We have explored our own minds as well as another culture, and fed the urge to travel more.

While this is not a travel blog, I don't feel it's the scene to elaborate our experience it is a part of my life now, so it felt right to post a few pictures from the trip.

I have been quite absent from this blog the past half year (and already written about this absense too much). I don't quite know what the future will bring, but I am now again in a position with possibilities to create, which I strongly plan on doing.
I am also at a point where all the thoughts I've previously talked about are more clear and organised in my mind, and I will share them with you soon.

These next days though, my focus will be moving to Vesterbro, my new home - wonderful is the word for that.



Embraced by the jungle

A shot of the pants I designed and made just before christmas and our journey to Thailand. My version of harem pants, with safari print.
The shoes are a cheap treasure found in the local vintage shop in Skælskør yesterday and the top is Camilla Norrback from this Fall/Winter 10.
Oh, and my new tattoo is finally revealed on the internet with this picture.

In Thailand we spent 4 weeks, - Christmas and New Years in the North and the South, in Bangkok and in the jungles, on beaches climbing and in the water swimming. With the trip in mind, I felt like I needed some suitable pants, so these rose from my imagination.

I had barely ended my internship at Camilla Norrback, and I was inspired to over the top and felt much more like sewing than writing the report about my experience at Camilla Norrback.