People of inspiration

Inspirational sources for is is all around me, 
but with my fascination with and love for rock music and indie culture, not surprisingly, 
there are some people, who stand out.
The singer-songwriter and "godmother of punk" Patti Smith inspires me with her sense of style, her androgynous and feministic way of dressing. Her powerful and strong personality and the fact that she is so politically engaged. She doesn't let things slip by her. She takes a stand on subjects and events in the world, is active and writes songs about it. Her lyrics are not like most musicians, they are so full of meaning and they force the listener to think. Her music has become very imoportant to me.

P.J.Harvey is another amazing artist.
Even though music became her choice of career, she has talent in art as well. Her style is unique and in all her photos there's a certain atmosphere, a special feel wich she also applies in her music. She is provocative in a kinda naive way.

The actress Chloë Sevigny is important too.
Because Chloë Sevigny is very selective and aware when she accepts movie parts, the films are always worth watching. I find that they always touch me deep inside. 
She is being applaused in many medias for her excellent style. She has said herself that she loves style, not fashion. Again she doesn't just go with the flow, but chooses her own path. With her sense of fashion and style of course she designs clothes too. 

In the end I'll mention musician and model Jamie Bochert.
She's interesting and intriguing like Patti Smith (whom she has played a concert with), P.J.Harvey and Chloë Sevigny and I'm exited to learn more about her. 

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