Nateva Festival

I came back yesterday from an amazing and very hot weekend at the Nateva Festival in Maine.
Living in Denmark the festival you go to is Roskilde Festival, which was what I could compare this experience to. 
These festivals are very alike but there are differences between the two. Nateva is a whole lot smaller though, and the music is a little more folk rock and funk, but a lot of the bands could easily be playing at Roskilde festival.
As I have mentioned in a post once, I am not a fan of taking pictures at shows because it is hard to get good shots. However, I did take some at a few concerts at this festival. 
A couple of years ago The Flaming Lips played at Roskilde but unfortunatly I missed it, which I have been regretting ever since, but this time I got a new chance and the show was amazing! (See the bobbel picture here from Flaming Lips here.)

Mesmerizing Zooey Deschanel from the band She and Him. I think a lot of people, at least the guys, came to look at her, but their music and their show was definitely great and worth seeing.

If you want you can check out more pictures of the concerts at Nateva's website.

At Nateva you camp with you car next to the tent at the camp site (which to me was kinda strange to see). Not that many young people in Denmark have a car and the public transportation is pretty good so you don't need it. Notice the Nateva sign in the background of the second picture taken of the festival site.
At festivals people in general use intoxicants of some kind. At the Roskilde Festival most people get drunk and some smoke weed. At Nateva though, it seems more common for people to do drugs like taking acid or mushrooms.
And why not also look at the fashion part. At Roskilde you see a good mix of punks, rock'n'roll style, hippies and hipsters. At Nateva it is mainly hippies and often in long tie-dye dresses. Uh, and people dressed up in extreme costumes.
 And no festival without arts and craft. This lamp I find really cool.

And some random festival shots...

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