So.. What's next? What's on you mind, what's in your head?

I am back from the road trip (the unfinished road trip blog). Hey, I'm even back from the US, back in Denmark. At least 'till Saturday, when I'll be leaving here again to go to Stockholm.
In Stockholm where I'll be doing an internship at the Swedish label Camilla Norrback - check it out here. I simply cannot wait to start!

But I am back without my camera. The zoom broke, and screwed from a rip off waranty, they didn't wanna give me a new one, so I am currently waiting for it to be repared and shipped to the store, picked up from the store and shipped to Sweden. Could't take a while.
So all I have now is the pencil in my hand. And until Saturday I have my parents scanner next to me. That will just have to do for now I guess.

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