Maybe I'll be catching some good flees..

After a busy week I'm about to leave my kille in our little apartment in Kista, to go to Uppsala on a flee spree with a couple of girls, who also intern at Camilla Norrback. I wish I could take pictures with my camera, but all I have is the one on my little Sony Ericsson phone, so that will do.

Besides I should give an update on a couple of things I bought so far, being in lovely Stockholm. A Camilla Norrback skirt from the spring/summer 10 collection and a pair of Scorett shoes. And who knows if I'll find something cool today at the Uppsala flee market or in the thrift shops.
Another thing I should also share is some pics of our apartment; our tiny pre-furnished apartment that we made into our cosy warm home.

After two weeks in Stockholm with busy days and completely unpredictable weather I love it! We still have so much exploring to do, wich will not in the future include the English Pub situated below our apartment in the mall, Kista Galleria which we visited yesterday, since the liqueur store close at 7pm (3pm on Saturday..). Tomorrow our plan is to go sailing on the boats that take you around Stockholm, the city that is also called Scandinavia's Venice. The sun should be out and it should be wonderful.  

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