See time pass

Kaviar Gauche dress
A picture taken a while ago, actually just when I recieved my camera. A new camera that is, when after too long Best Buy decided to give me a new one instead of getting the old one fixed. But well now I have it back.


  1. Anonymous11/26/2010

    Great to "see" you yesterday. I love the draped collar. Need more views of the Kaviar Gauche dress to get the details. We watched the movie "Seamless" last night. Have you seen it?
    Keep up the great blog.

  2. Anonymous6/22/2012

    Hej Tibbe ;-)

    Jeg må bare få si at jeg synes det bildet du tar av dine bein i shiny nylon er meget sensuelt, du fanger øyeblikket på en måte. Vil gjærne høre fra deg hvis du vil, min mail er dollyrub@start.no

    Koz Trude