Interprofessional project

Currently at school we're having a three week project. Not an interdisciplinary but an interprofessional project.

My school is under an umbrella of educations called University College Campus (yeah it sounds a bit silly). UCC contains some different educations besides mine; Nurses, occupational therapists, sign language interpreters, teachers and pedagogs (I know it's not called that anywhere else but in Scandinavia, because they split it up in (preschool) teachers, social workers fx. but I'm happy to live in a some what socialistic country where this is a pedagog and it's about bringing up happy and reflective independent human beings and not about peformance perfomane performance. We also have equal paternity/maternity leave, it's outrageus ;-) )
And then there's my education. If you have read my blog, you might have a clue about what I study, -for you who hasn't, read on, I'll will enlighten you on that subject later in this post.

UCC decided that the different educations that are situated all over Copenhagen, should try and mingle and find out how we can co-operate/collaborate with eachother, so they arranged some different interprofessional projects that us students could choose from. I chose one called Creative and Innovative Processes. It happens that only teachers, pedagogs and students from my school have chosen this. I guess it doesn't have a huge appeal to fx nurses..

As an introduction we were to first make a illustrative personal profile on ourselves by only using packing, wrapping, containers etc.  Here are some of them.
The day after we made them, we were to present ourselves using these profiles in little groups of three to five. A really interesting way to answer the question who are you, and start and lead the conversation in a completely different way than it otherwise would have been.

My selfportrait

Since I of course have a huge brain the paper brain had to be huge too, right?! :-)
It might be a bit hard to read it, and of course it is also written in Danish, so for some impossible to understand even if readable.
I guess the brain is red to express passion. Of course not because I didn't want my brain to be grey boring cardboard. Words written are fx Litterature, estethiques, to create, vegetarian, climbing, yoga, music, expression, identity, secondhand, sustainability, the people I love, travelling, empathy and compassion, organic, love, cities, nature, and uncertainty about what the future will hold...

After having done that, we got the same assignment but as groups and a full size profile to define our profession, what our eductaion teaches us.
They look like this. (Guess which is which)

It's interesting to look at how the three different professions are expressed. I am freely analysing the shapes of them;

1st is two profiles on the pedagog - round shapes, many arms to express the many qualifications and competences they have to contain the different people they meet in their job.
2nd is the teacher - a square representing the education they are in charge of gicing the kids to prepare them for the real world and give them the tools to think and relfect for themselves.
3rd is my education. A Bachelor in textile handicraft and education/comunication. Very feminine decorated with a necklace possibly homemade embroidered and in a dress which could also be homemade..

Well, about that Bachelor in textile handicraft and education/comunication.
The classes we have are seperated in three top categories; Clothing, culture and communication.

The making of clothes (Pattern construction, sewing toiles, fitting, and sewing an actual product)
Textile printing

History of clothing, analysing clothing, ethnically traditions in clothing, design, fashion illustration, flats and colour theory.

Educational communication (teaching adults, didactics, pedagogical theories)
Other cultural communication (theater, museum/galleries, journalistics, theory of science)

And the long list of jobs a Bachelor in textilehanducraft and educations/communication might work in:
  • At museums or galleries
  • Teacher (In different situations fx. kids, teenagers, adults in school or offering courses)
  • Entrepeneur (own fashion label or other projects)
  • Costumier
  • Editor or journalist at fashion or craft magazines
  • Writer
  • Researcher (fashion and style, materials)
  • Designer, product assistent, sales assistent (and more depending on the last long specialising internship)
  • Pattern constructor
  • Tailor
  • Textile print designer/printer
  • Embroiderer
  • Illustrator
  • Artist
  • Creative coatch
  • Project manager
  • Social economic projects fx with NGOs
  • Lecturer

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