Designkollektivet : Grand Opening

This Saturday was the Grand Opening of our shop Designkollektivet.
There has been a lot of preparation to get the shop ready, arranging the event and finishing products.

But it was a succes. Our little cozy shop was constantly full of happy people checking out this new addition to the area around Jægersborggade, sipping wine and eating delicious homemade cake.

From now and onwards Designkollektivet is open Monday to Friday from 12pm - 6pm and Saturday from 10am - 3pm. We are each gonna be there one day a week. 

After a few days relaxing I'll be working hard on new products for the shop. First to come are tops and computer bags. 

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  1. Anonymous12/18/2012

    Congratulations! Hope your new venture is a tremendous success.
    Nancy Cherico and Joe O'Neil
    Hanover, MA - USA