A night in the light

Because of the rainy weather on yesterday, my friend and I thought we'd go to the movies instead of the festival at Vesterbro. But the beers we had with dinner changed our plans. 
I am not a great fan of taking pictures at concerts, because the flash can disturb the artist, my camera is not good enough and my skills as a photographer are not good enough. 
So no pictures of the shows we saw. 
We went without having had time to check out which bands, we wanted to see, so we just went with what our guts told us. Kinda "uh, this band has a cool name." And it was good. 
I love to be at festivals like this with a lot of unknown bands, where you can get to know new music, broaden your horizon.
Pictures of the beautiful fireworks table...
 And beer drinking me and amazing Anna looking great in red.

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