When the zipper stole my heart

A while ago I made a bracelet of a black zipper. But it wasn't just any zipper. The zipper on my boyfriend's jacket was broken and kept unzipping itself, which was a bit unfortunate in winter weather. So I changed it with a new one, and from the broken one I made the bracelet. Which I have now lost. I suspect I have  pushed it from my table into the trash can by mistake (that is not hard to do by accident with a messy table like mine). With all the tidying up and cleaning and packing, because I was moving, I have gone through everything I own, and in my search it still didn't turn up. 
Since I made it, I have made one in blue for my mom (she wanted one in green, but I haven't yet found the right zipper for that), one in white with silver teeth for my friend, Soffie Viemose (she's an awesome musician, check it out here) and just the other day I finally made a new one for myself in white with brass teeth. And am about to make an aubergine coloured one.
They are all unique and made by hand.
Here pictures of the the white one I made the other day, and of my mom's.
I plan on getting an etsy.com account, so I can sell the bracelets and other things I am making. For now, leave me a comment if you're interested in purchasing one.

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  1. Anonymous6/13/2010

    I would certainly like to buy some of the things that you are making.