Screen print project

This is my last project from school. We learned some new techniques in textile printing, wich I completely feel in love with. Both were very popular in the 90's and have since been forgotten. Now, though, it seems they are making a come back along with velvet.
I will start by saying that these fabrics were ice white to begin with.  
 With this piece of fabric I plan on creating a jacket.
And this may become a pillow some day, nothing is yet decided...
Using certain chemicals that only destroy the vegetable fiber, you can make the ornament you print on the fabric transparent. This is especially suitable for velvet, but you can also use it on lighter fabrics such as voile or satin when the right fibers are mixed.
The other technique is preferably used with the previous mentioned technique. With that one you can see the top of the fabric wich is a vegetable fiber and where the chemicals have destroyed this fiber, you can see the base of the fabric fx silk. Now, with this technique you can color the vegetable fiber in one color and the animal fiber another. It's all chemicals that bind one color to one fiber. Didn't know I liked playing with chemicals before being able to create beautiful fabrics with it.
Screen printing with - yes another chemical - not a new technique for us, though. This one withdraws the color from the fiber so it almost becomes white, depending on wich kind of colors you ahve used for the fabric.
These fabrics are all velvet so you can see the pink colored silk fiber under the viscose fiber.
And the (quick) design process. 
When just seeing the ornament it could be anything, depending on who you are. Guess it's like looking at the clouds and seeing different animals...
I looked through some books and magazines and just knowing that I wanted to use feathers in some way. I ended up also being inspired by a gas mask though. 

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