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Done. With my exam. After two weeks of hard work the project was due today and I turned in the result at noon. I don't know if it went well or not. One moment I have a really good feeling about it and the next I think it's shit. We'll see in... hmm June I think.
I lowered my expectations to myself and the 24 hour day; it will never become any longer than 24 hours, not even if I want it to. 
Maybe I should explain a little bit about an assignment like this. (I chose to take my exam in testile printing; finishing this course in stead of embroidery) From a given theme we had to create an idea which should work as decoration on clothing. Then make alot of samples (not a finished product) and in the assignment we argue, with the hypothetical product in mind, why one sample is better than another based on knowledge of materials, colours and techniques and showing the samples next to the text.
So the "sub"-theme is a sea anenome, nothing more nothing less. I've already posted pics of my ornament, so here comes some pics of the process and samples and and..
 The kind of print I thought worked best with my ornament is iris print. Above is a picture of how to put the colours on the silkscreen - It's hard to see, though, because of the colours I've been using (remazol), they're kinda transparent.
Above is an illustration of how I imagine the summerdress the fabric is hypothetically meant for. I wish I had time to actually make it.
 My finished project. I can't take credit for the great accordion-inspired idea of how to put it together, but a friend from my school, Elisabet Flejsborg.
This way you can choose to look through it like a book or open it up if you need to look at four pages at once.

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