Thursday in fashionable, creative Copenhagen

The past week was stuffed with press days at the different PR companies and Thursday I unintentionally and for the first time found myself at one at Star Public Relation. I had met up with a friend who did an internship at this company, she wanted to drop in to say hi and see the FW10 collections and she knew I'd find it interesting. 
I especially fell in love with these necklaces from Gem Kingdom.
They are all really cool, I think this one is my favorite. So, another thing just got added to the many things I need to safe up money for.

After this press experience another friend asked if I wanted to join her seeing a talk/discussion on the subject, the difference between design and art, wich took place at the museum of contemporary art Luisiana and of course I'm not one to put down a chance of gaining knowledge about art and design. Present was a furniture design team Salto & Sigsgaard, a textile designer, Margrethe Odgaard, and a craftsman Louise Hindsgavl, so all sides were represented.
Salto & Sigsgaard represented the more generic design and had a very matter-of-fact attitude to the process, wich was really interesting to hear about. They begin with research and make a list of criteria before even thinking about what the product should look like. Their target are wide and with the risk of sounding harsh I'd say their design is kinda dull.
Margrethe Odgaard's design is in the middle of the different types, design, arts and craft. She explores and challenge the general idea of textiles and has fx made this huge oversized napkin. She takes everyday life and moves expectations a little.
 Louise Hindsgavl is more an artist than a designer; very intuitive in her way of work and with her attitude towards the process. She doesn't aim to make something for a certain group of people opposed to designers.
My friend and I came to the conclusion that, that is the main difference between art and design. Design has a target group and criteria to live up to. The designer can argue for every little choice taken in the process; -why this shape, why this colour, why this light bulb and so on. The artist works intuitively and the work is an expression, not something meant to sell. That is just a benefit. An artist asks questions and provokes. And can't argue why it's this shape, this material.
It was all in all a great day.

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