What goes around comes around..

Most of my shit is already at my parent's house and I feel the thrills of spartan living. My matres is on the floor and even though I used sleep like that once, now it just seems like a shitty way to sleep. Most of my stuff is in boxes and plastic bags. All this with the knowledge that it's not gonna change for 3 months. A strange feeling of not belonging - being without a base - a home...
While packing down and ending an era I found a necklace I forgot all about. I had accidently hidden it from myself. Part of why it's cool is because it's actually a jumping jack piece.

Today I wore this. Black in black since it is my favorite colour.


  1. wow, i love your fantastic necklace! I want it! Xoxo


  2. FED halskæde! Me likes :D