State of present and a little bit of candy floss

Currently, I am trying to get started reading and writing for my exam. What I am finishing now is the class education. I am instead gonna specialize in other cultural communiation
What I am going to write about is online education and I have chosen to focus on the website Fashion Students Online, wich I think is a great idea for an open forum, where everyone interested can share their knowledge and ideas with others. 
I have a lot of reading to do as preparation wich unfortunately gives me less time to be creative myself and actually do something about all the ideas and projects knocking on my door.
But I will share with you a picture of what I redesigned a little while ago. Believe it or not, this was a hat. A little cute round hat, and even though it was incredibly charming, I knew, I would never wear it. But is was simply too cute not to buy and even before I did that I came up with idea for a purse. I just put in the zipper after folding the hat flat.
Now it reminds me of a little poodle or a candy floss with all the light pink tulle. Do you like it?

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