A day in May

The other day I met up with my friend Tippe (Yes her name is Tippe and mine is Tibbe) for lunch at Kalasset and an unplanned trip to the thrift shop Wasteland in Copenhagen. I really wasn't supposed to buy anything, but it's dangerous for me to enter shops like these, when you don't feel like you're broke, even though you actually are. So I came out with a long tank top printed with the girl from the cover of Dinosaur Jr.'s record Green Mind and a cute little denim dress. Of course pictures will follow. Tippe bought these cool sunglasses.


  1. cute similar names, tibbe! i love your outfit here (should really be in 'the sartorialist'). i love your boots!

    p.s. thanks for the reference.! ^^

  2. Thank you alot. That is really flattering. The boots are vintage.