Creativity, a mess

Yesterday I read an article about the connection between being creative and being messy in the Danish daily free newspaper Urban. The article claims that it's a myth that being messy comes with great creativity. Talking to different experts and psychologists they kill that myth and brings an example with the artist Tal R, who appearently is not messy. 
I don't know if I quite agree with their statement. I am dissapointed with the examples of mess they bring in the article, since it's not really mess. They talk about piles of dishes, that never get washed, piles of laundry and dirt in every where.
I see myself as a creative person. I create things. And I flatter myself by believing that I have great creative imagination and ideas. I also see myself as a messy person. After tidying up and cleaning my room it gets messy again almost immediately. (It's a great excuse though; "I'm messy because I'm a creative person.")
But in my opnion messy is not the same as dirty. What do you think?

The current situation in the corner of my room.


  1. Good lord!
    You know I adore your messy space. Your room is magic, Tibbe. Just field with fashion, vintage-bargains, treasures and a life full of great memories - at a age at 24(?)



  2. Thank you so much Roar. I certainly love my things, but sometimes the mess get overwhelming - too lazy to fold the clothes after I have been wearing it.
    Hope everything is awesome for you!