A mixture does the trick

Got back from a couples of days in Copenhagen, wich I have spent seeing a few of my friends. 
Saturday night was spent with great people watching Eurovision - Eurovision turned into a drinking game, because that is what Icelandic people do and the were an Icelandic couple present. 
I've never before cared much for this song contest filled with trivial singers and unnecesaray stage shows - It is just a little too much. I ussually don't enjoy it, 'cause I just get annoyed with what it is and what it represents of bad taste. 
Turning the absurdities into a fun and funny drinking game I can relate to, though.  Is it a slutty dress? yes, so take a sip, are there fireworks on stage? yes, so take a sip, and so on.
What really surprised me, was that Germany won. It was the song I liked the best, but the last one I expected to win. It is really unlike common Eurovision songs, both Lena's way of singing and the simplicity of the show.

I am anticipating the warmer weather promised to start from Wednesday, and when it does I wil wear this dress. It is an old dress of my mom's, wich I made a little shorter.

And why not also share with you thos necklace I just recieved from Uncommon Creatures.
Talking about absurdities earlier, I bet some will find this absurd, but this is the kind of absurdities I find interesting.

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